Synodical Government in the Church of England

While at Theological College in Oxford (2003-2006) I took a module in Canon Law, the legal processes which underpin the Church of England. To the bewilderment of many of my fellow students, I found it great fun and have keep an interest ever since.

And every once in a while I remember why this is important. And I ask myself why only myself and one other colleague took the time the try and understand just how this strange organisation works.

As part of the course I wrote a very verbose essay looking at how the synodical structures of the Church of England attempt to represent the views of its members. I also looked at how this was reflected in the choosing of Bishops. So, although some of this is now out of date, some of it might be helpful to those wanting to understand the background to the current debate.

Does Synodical Government in the Church of England aim to deliver leadership which is representative of its members? (PDF)

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