Ruth in Haiku

New to Twitter Login ScreenIn a recent Bible Study we was challenged to try and summarise the ‘story so far’ in each of the chapters of the book of Ruth. I cheekily suggested we should summarise each chapter in Twitter-friendly haiku poems – and promptly found myself challenged to do just that. The results are below, in a slightly more permanent form than their original Twitter form (with line breaks, typos corrected and one refinement).

Ruth Chapter 1

Starving House of Bread
Ruth clings as Naomi pleads
Don’t call me Pleasant

Ruth Chapter 2

At barley harvest
Ruth’s diligent gleaning prompts
Kindness from Boaz

Ruth Chapter 3

Boaz uncovered
Ruth finds rest and Godly love
Under his mantle

Ruth Chapter 4

God in the detail
Ruth weds Kinsman-Redeemer
Mara full again

3 thoughts on “Ruth in Haiku

  1. Ruth
    Chapter 1

    Elimelech died
    His sons too Ruth Orpah Left
    With Mara Ruth stays

    Chapter 2

    Ruth gleans grain in fields
    Boaz’s eye does she catch
    Ruth gleans till harvest

    Chapter 3

    At feet of Boaz
    Ruth ask him to redeem her
    Boaz makes promise

    Chapter 4

    A sandal he gets
    Makes Ruth his wife and secures
    The line of David

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