When Tanya began work with a well-known national christian organisation, part of her induction pack was a four page printed document explaining the different acronyms which staff used and needed to know. I’m a big fan of typing things out in long-hand (which might fuel the love/hate relationship I have with Twitter and text messages), but there are going to be terms which need unpacking, explaining or decoding.  This page tries to do just that, and I’ll try and remember to link it to the post or page where the word first appears.

Circumlocution – The use of one word in place of another, especially in the Old Testament, where words such as ‘name’, ‘place’, or ‘heaven’ are used instead of writing God’s name. A common New Testament example is to compare Matthew and Luke. Where Luke writes ‘Kingdom of God’, Matthew has ‘Kingdom of Heaven’.

Keynote – Presentation software, much like PowerPoint, except its written for the Mac and so looks great and works well.

St. Pancras – Unless I’m talking about international rail travel, this is likely to be a reference to the church where I am the Vicar. St. Pancras Church in the Church of England church serving the parish of Pennycross in Plymouth. (

Tanya – Jon Marlow’s wife (follow her on Twitter @Tanya_Marlow)

PGP – The Peninsula Gospel Partnership (

YHWH – the four letter (Tetragrammaton) used in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament to write the specific name of God. The best estimate as to the translation is ‘I am’ and the best guess at pronunciation is ‘Yahweh‘.

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