Carols by Candlelight

This year our Carols by Candelight service at St. Pancras is looking at the theme ‘Come and Worship the King’. The Bible readings all pick up this theme and are as follows:

  1. Isaiah’s prediction of a ‘wonderful counsellor’ etc.
  2. Mary’s song
  3. The angels and the shepherds
  4. The Wise Men and Herod
  5. Thomas’ confession ‘My Lord and my God’
  6. John’s vision of Jesus as he is now in Revelation 1
Usually at this sort of event I pick one of the passages and preach from it, but this year I’m thinking of using the following outline and picking up themes for different passages.
Jesus is worthy of our worship because:
  1.    His birth split time in two
  2.    His death changed the course of history
  3.    His future holds all our futures
Any comments – or should I just go back to explaining one of the passages?

3 thoughts on “Carols by Candlelight

  1. Personally I’d go with explaining a passage – but then me saying that is pretty predictable – having said that I’m pretty sure that is what you would be telling a PGP student if they were in the same position.

    However that said as long as you make sure that each salient point is pretty explicit in the passage rather than just implicit you ought to be ok – I’d avoid ‘social’ things and go for hard facts based on salvation without which Christmas may as well be about that nice uncle coming for Christmas, or indeed a baby along the lines of one of the great social reformers being born.

    Your thematic thing could easily go down two routes that may not be helpful, taking his birth splitting time in two, you could either end up with people just seeing it as something from which we decide the date (whether you say it or not they will go there) or you could lose them in complex theology. Better to stick with one simple theme I’d have thought.

    That said I haven’t run a Christmas service and haven’t exactly studied how I’ve seen it done and what has worked and what doesn’t.

  2. It may be that I need to know what you mean by the first two points but I wondered if the theme of kingship might be a more fruitful one to pick up? It’s in Isaiah, esp in the wise men. Worship as ‘pay homage to’, and mileage in that?

    Then Mary’s song is about restoration or rescue – or even reversal (humble exalted, rich ignored, that kind of thing). There might be mileage in just looking at the song of Mary and the reversals that Jesus brings and applying that to some of the other passages (reversal of death shown in your two last passages).

    Then rather than future in future, our life is in his life (passages say less about him coming again than the fact that he is risen and glorified).

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